Why serve?

Halfway through my sophomore year in college, "my plan" was unraveling due to Calculus.  Not only Calculus, but Calc II, Calc III, and Differential Equations all required multiple attempts to pass.  You may say "at least you stuck with it and pushed through," but in reality my multiple attempts lowered my GPA each time I took a Calculus course.  I was on a full academic scholarship that I knew was going to be taken away at the end the Spring Semester.

There are many reasons that I decide to join the US Military almost two decades ago, but at 19 the most pressing reason was to pay for college.

I joined the National Guard (a Mechanized Infantry unit) and earned (I will talk about earning a ROTC scholarship later) an ROTC scholarship.  Starting my Junior year, I was a full scholarship cadet (this particular college awards room & board to ROTC scholarship recipients) and the newest Airborne qualified student at a high cost private college.  Two years later I commissioned as an Army Aviation Officer and graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry.

God, GRIT, Guidance, and Guts were responsible for putting me back on track to complete my college degree without debt.  Over the next week I will deep-dive into some of the details of my experiences as I transitioned from a near college dropout to an Army Aviation 2LT and a degreed Chemist.  Please share your college (or Military funded education) in the comments.

Dr. PS